Riveter to install in any make of drilling machine

RiveDrill intelligent drill rigs for drilling machine. They automatically transform the energy of the driller into riveting energy plus self-gripping power from the rivet into the hole in the structure.

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 Who we are? 

Máquinas Andrea manunfacture riveters and fasteners since 1966. RiveDrill is manufactured by Máquinas Andrea and is registred brand. Riveting tools as RiveDrill was invented and patented by Andrés Pérez Aniento. 

Rivet without effort, no  vibrations ,  no cables 

When start the cordless drilling machine, some tools changes. We have developed the riveters RiveDrill, to be used with the drilling machines (not included), to avoid efforts,  vibrations on users, cables, air compress hoses and compresors

Riveter / Remachadoras eléctricas

RiveDrill cover for Fastener + Fixing magazine

Riveters and riveting tools to set blind rivets

RiveDrill transforms power  

RiveDrill transforms turning power of drilling machine in riveting power. RiveDrill transforms the power, with a light mechanism which weight is between 400 and 600 grams aproximately, that includes a clutch for the end of the run, in some models.

Remachadoras Inteligentes

Para remachar con taladrador

Remachadora InteligentePara remachar con taladrador

.The old riveters  

Old manual riveting tools need an operator physical effort  and produce a disgusting vibration at the end moment when the rivet is set. The pneumatic riveting tools have a limited way of action becasue of the length of the hose  for air compress. 

Rivet and drill with the same machine 

Blind rivets and nut inserts are always setted into the holes. It is very useful to work with the same drilling machine to do the holes and to set the blind rivets or nut inserts.  



The perfect profesional tool equipment for industrial fixing. Drilling machine and RiveDrill


RiveDrill adaptors to set rivets with drilling machine are a good  complement to be included in the tools of the fixing profesional equipment .Rivedrill and drilling machine is the profesional tool equipment, holes and rivets join for ever. 

The obsoleted old tools 

Manual and pneumatic riveting tools was created for more than 75 years. We currently have left to manufacture manual riveting tools. Pneumatic tools can only be used in determinate fix points of production.  


Rivet gun

Riveters and berbiquis. Obsoleted tools of 75 years.

Use RiveDrill instead of Manual riveting tools or rivet gun you will be always gretaful.  


Hand Rivetting tool


Riveter for drill.

Adaptador para remachar

Adaptador para remachar. Adaptor to set blind rivets

The riveters adaptor, RiveDrill, can also been operated by hand with a key in the case that the drill is discharged before finishing the work. 

Rivet gun

Cómo remachar con taladro y RiveDrill

Durability and Guarantee


Durability and Guarantee
Durabilidad Garantia y Servicio T'ecnico
18 Garantía y Durabilidad EN.PNG (1.89MB)
Durability and Guarantee
Durabilidad Garantia y Servicio T'ecnico
18 Garantía y Durabilidad EN.PNG (1.89MB)

Hand Riveter